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-The first National Conference on Quantum Technology and related applications was inaugurated in AEOI on Aug/27 with the presence of H.E Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, H.E M.J, Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, a number of distinguished university researchers and AEOI top scientists.

-The conference was organized with the objective of further familiarizing the scientific community with the new developments in quantum technology achievements and relevant applications in the fields of communications, simulation, environment, medicine, microprocessing, security and researches in subatomic sciences.

-The conference provided the grounds for academic communication among top leading science based universities, research centers for sharing thoughts and experiences to further expanded and design strategies to enhance interaction and scientific exchanges in this most advanced, new era of modern physics.

-Dr. Salehi, as the first speaker of the session, emphasized on enhancing the domestic quantum research capacities of Iran besides following international developments in this respect. In this context, he pointed out the establishment of the Quantum Technology Center in AEOI and a new research facility named photonics. Dr. Salehi, further added the plan for performing the quantum entanglement test in the coming months which will be the first of its kind among the Islamic countries. He also mentioned that Iran as a member of (EURATOM) club, upon the realization of JCPOA, envisages extensive scientific cooperation with European countries.

-In another part, Dr. Azari Jahromi, new minister of Communications and Information Technology referred to the importance of the fast speed 5G technology and the vital role it plays in internet and the ability to connect everything to communication networks and the consequent effects it has on various domains including industry, economic, agriculture, ETC.

He pointed out the importance of quantum technology as an infrastructural science in modern transportation and communication instruments which demand the least delay time in receiving and sending electronic messages. He described that the standard needed delay in sending and receiving information for mentioned new developments in 5 gigabit in millisecond which is only possible with new technologies including quantum which deals with the science of information transfer in such cuts and distances. In the final part of presentations, eminent scientists focused on quantum communication and calculations based on entanglement, quantum optics and semi-conducting Nano structures. At the end it was announced that AEOI plans to organize the next conference in an international context with the participation of known scientists in this technology.

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