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-On Sep/6, 13 selected AEOI sponsored high school students who have acquired top positions in global and domestic physics, math and computer Olympiad contests met with Dr. Salehi and were praised for their outstanding talents.

-In a ceremony held in the AEOI run high-school premises, participated by eminent educators such as the school's principle, board of director's head, Ministry of Education District director general, Dr. Salehi encouraged the students to keep on utilizing their talents through sustained research while profiting from the enormous moral teachings offered by Islam as a moral complementary factor to the application of science in real life dimensions.

-The Olympiad wining students have so far, in national and international contests, won first rank global gold medal in mathematics (second time after late prof. Mirzakhani), gold and silver medals in physics, gold and 2 silver in computer, gold and 3 silver in Russia's global geometry contest and other awards.

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