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-An I.R. of Iran delegation headed by Dr. H. Salehi head of Iranian National Regulatory Authority (INRA) on/Aug/19 met with Dr. Hans Wanner Switzerland's nuclear regulatory authority chief and discussed ways of cooperation based on last year's memorandum signed between the related authorities of the two countries.

Following the talks, it was agreed, based on the priority proposed by IRAN, a Swiss expert delegation visit Iran INRA this fall and initiate the specified cooperation. It was also agreed, considering the present Swiss chairmanship over the nuclear regulatory association of Western European countries, a new trend of cooperation begin in this respect as well.

-The Iranian delegation also paid a visit to the emergency situation analysis center and new installation in Switzerland's Gosgen (KKG) nuclear power plant and discussed safety issues with its scientists.

The above mentioned emergency facility was established in recent years following the Fukushima accident in Japan.

Iran's INRA, in the last month, based on annex 3 of JCPOA and talks held with EU highranking delegations in Tehran has promoted the capabilities of this safety authority.

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