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  • Dr. Salehi, AEOI chief in a ceremony held in AEOI on Jan/8, praised the sacrifice of the late hero martyr General Q. Soleimani through stating the following remarks.
  • The martyrdom of General Soleimani has saddened us all.
  • We have lost a military personality who was gifted with intelligence, political vision, military genius and above all total obedience and devotion to God Almighty.
  • Our problem with the world political arrogance led by U.S is rooted in differing attitude towards the world events.
  • During the last 40 years they have tried to create division between Iran and the neighboring countries. This applies to the valiant people of Iraq. We have had a profound historical, religious, cultural and economic links with the Iraqi people. The enemy has tried to weaken this relationship.
  • Upon the martyrdom of General Soleimani, his heritage and mission was even more manifested and demonstrated than when he was alive.
  • The Shia part of the Iraq Parliament voted for the exit of foreign forces from the country, on top of them the U.S military.
  • Another miracle depicting the greatness of general Soleimani was shown during his funeral procession which attracted thousands of mourners, surprising the enemy.
  • Dr. Salehi pointing to the human characteristics of General Soleimani remarked on his humbleness, religious devotion and sacrifice for the sake of the oppressed people. His name will shine in history of human conflict forever.

God bless.

نسخه قابل چاپ