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  • On Apr/13 Dr. Salehi, AEOI head met Dr. Rohani, I.R of Iran President and presented a comprehensive report of the past AEOI macro performance, while receiving necessary guidelines for further enhancement of activities. In the aftermath of the meeting Dr. Salehi offered the following comments:
  • The President holds regular and periodic meetings with the cabinet ministers and senior heads of important government organs.
  • In this meeting the President was informed of all important topics relating to the AEOI macro plans and activities. While expressing satisfaction over the scientific achievements demonstrated during the 13th anniversary ceremonies of the National Day of Nuclear Technology, he raised inquiries concerning the mid and long term projects of the organization as well as the current ongoing plans in the new year.
  • Considering the awareness and knowledge he possesses on the nuclear issues, he constantly follows the related matters. The President stated that all possibilities should be adopted to help promote the development of all projects, and their culmination on the set time.
  • At the end, a report covering the related nuclear technical-scientific interaction between Iran and advanced countries was presented.

نسخه قابل چاپ