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Dr. A. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head sent a deep condolences message on the premature death of Dr. Ahmadian as follows:

  • With deep sorrow, on the eve of the 40th day of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein-Ibn Ali, (PBUH) Aba Abdullah, Sayyid al Shohada, I received the news of the demise of Dr. M. Ahmadian, a revered personality, the hard working AEOI senior deputy and Managing Director of the Nuclear Power Production & Development co.
  • Dr. Ahmadian, throughout his fruitful life, totally devoted to the holy ahl beit, offered his relentless services to the holy order of the Islamic Republic and was one of the outstanding academic, scientific personalities of the nuclear industry, particularly in the power plant functional field.
  • This is a bitter reality for me and the body of the country's nuclear industry, experts and managers. We are deprived forever from seeing the humble face of that generous, kind manager and shall continue his way as before. I convey my sincere condolences to all the friends, followers and particularly the revered immediate family of that great personality and ask the Allmighty to bless his soul for all the services he offered to the Islamic Nation. May his soul rest in peace.

نسخه قابل چاپ