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  • Dr. A. Salehi, AEOI head, during participation in the third international conference on Nuclear Security in Vienna, held discussion with China's (CNNC) head over the process of redesigning the Arak heavy water research reactor project as the following:
  • The head of China (CNNC) while emphasizing on the JCPOA sincere support, declared the renovation of the Arak (Khondab) heavy water project as satisfactory, in spite of the U.S.A created barriers, yet, he demanded more help from other JCPOA members including Europeans to show more seriousness to confront U.S unilateral policies and help for concluding the unfinished project. The CNNC head while criticizing the unjust unilateral approaches to countries such as Iran and China, asked for integration with JCPOA members in the related process to face U.S policies.
  • Dr. Salehi, while appreciating China's actions in the redesign project of the reactor and the amiable relations existing between the two countries, stressed on the importance of concluding the project as soon as possible and to make up for the delays occurred so far in this respect.
  • He reminded of the U.N issued resolution, concerning the project's progress, independent of the JCPOA future developments, and asked the CNNC head to establish integration and understanding with the respective project contracting companies to conclude agreements for finalizing the cooperation and existing contracts.
  • Dr. Salehi further reminded that if the project does not reach conclusion due to the U.S barriers and shortcomings of the Europeans, then, Iran will be obliged to go back to the previous Arak heavy water reactor project design.
  • At the end, the two sides stressed on mutual determination of their respective countries to expedite the actions for facilitating this vital project.

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