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  • Dr. A.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head on Jan/1 in an opening ceremony of the hi-tech knowledge based economy expert gathering and exhibition presented the following remarks and points of wisdom regarding the prospects of Iran economic growth and progress.
  • Every developing nation in order to reach growth and development must possess certain criteria namely human, material and natural resources and proper management system.
  • Fortunately Iran has an excellent, highly educated human resource and geographical position unmatched in Western Asia.
  • The management structure needs improvement which through pinpointing the weak points will be eliminated. The country's present conditions are satisfactory.
  • At the beginning of the revolution the peak of electricity output was 3-4 thousands Mega Watt, and at present it is 57/000 MW on peak level, which is around 14 times higher.
  • While our population has doubled, more than, 270/000 gas pipeline has been constructed and almost all of Iran enjoys natural gas flow and electricity.
  • We were behind in the academic level, and all higher education enrolment did not exceed 175/000, while at present we have 4/5 million students which indicate a great leap forward.
  • Many obstacles were created on the way of Iran progress, namely the imposed war Etc…. ., but because of our moral and humanitarian  principles such as political independency, support of the oppressed and weak nations we withstood our ground and naturally paid the cost.
  • There is no country like Iran among the third world developing countries that has bravely criticized the cruel, ruthless criterias governing the world.
  • In the concluding remarks of the presentation, Dr. Salehi appreciated the efforts exerted by the related authorities in support of the knowledge based economy entities, and yet, pointed out the shortcomings regarding the marketing factors which demands much more innovation, patience and hard work.

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