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  • The concrete pouring ceremonies of the Bushehr unit 2 nuclear power plant was carried out on Nov/10 with the presence of Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, Ayatollah Safaei, the Supreme Leader's representative in Bushehr province, Mr. Alexander Lakshin, Rosatom director-general deputy in charge of operations management, H.E Levan Jagaryan Russian ambassador to Tehran, MR. B. Kamalvandi, AEOI spokesman and deputy head for International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs, a number of the organization's and Bushehr plant deputies, directors and expert scientists, as well as a noticeable number of media and press domestic, foreign representatives.
  • Dr. Salehi, in a detailed presentation while commemorating the pass away of Dr. Ahmmadian, the late NPPD head stated the following vital remarks:
  • Our Supreme Leader has wisely outlined the importance of the nuclear industry as guaranteeing safe energy for future generations, considering the inevitable termination of fossil sources, as well as the environmental friendly aspects of this clean energy.
  • A 1000 MW nuclear plant function prevents the diffusion of 7 million tons of polluting gases. God willing, up to the year 2026, we will have 3000 MW of nuclear power which will impede the diffusion of more than 21 million tons of polluting gases. The Paris Environmental Agreement has been convened for this purpose. A fossil plant will absorb 11 million oil barrels annually and for 3 plant units of the country this would mean 33 million oil barrel. At present time with 60 dollars a barrel, this would mean 660 million dollars cost saving annually for the functioning power plant.
  • Dr. Salehi, further added that, at present there are 449 nuclear power plant in the world providing for 10 percent of the global electricity demand. The life span of each plant is around 60 years. The building cost of a nuclear plant is around 5 billion dollars and upon commissioning the initial cost will be compensated in 6 to 7 years.
  • We have during 6 years been able proudly through localization, benefit from the utilization of this plant. Installation and parts replacement are carried out mainly by Iranian employees who are at present around 2000 expert personnel.

نسخه قابل چاپ