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-On, Feb/2, Islamic Revolution 40th anniversary achievements were officially opened in a ceremony with the presence of Dr. Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament), Dr. A.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI chief, Tehran mayor and a number of civil and military dignitaries assembled in the Tehran Holy Defense museum.

-Dr. Larijani in A speech stated the following points:

-The Islamic revolution in the M.E region, according to the top analysts, was the most important socio-political event of the past century.

-This upheaval changed many conditions and a religious oriented democracy replaced a cruel military dictatorship. People attained high maturity for extensive political participation resulting in the direct election of Presidents, Parliament members and Assembly of Experts members.

-With regard to the nuclear issue, Iran without depending on foreign sources, single handedly promoted this advanced science. Our diplomacy is active with amiable relations with all countries, but away from dependency.

-During, the event, Dr. Salehi paid a visit to the nuclear industry achievements selected section, which displayed items in the field of laser, nuclear power and research plants, nuclear fuel cycle processing stages including excavation, exploration, enrichment stages, various centrifuges, sample cascade centrifuge, Bushehr power plant sample fuel, industrial vandalism, optimized agricultural products, tubular centrifuges, Etc. …

-At the end of the visit Dr. Salehi responded to the questions forwarded by domestic and foreign news agencies.

-The Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense national exhibition hosted more than 1000 achievements by the various government organs and entities in different field of culture, economy, nuclear, military, defense Etc. ….

نسخه قابل چاپ