Radiation Application Development Company
The main objects of the company
-Production and development of radiopharmaceutical and cold kit products and industrial radioisotopes
-Offering Professional Services in the field of radiation application such as irradiation services, analysis and providing requested radioactive sealed sources for industrial and medical usages.
-Design, construction and development of irradiation facilities and their relevant application
-Design, construction and development of accelerators with emphasis on medical application.

The first perception of the public regarding the terms “Nuclear Energy” or “Nuclear Technology” mostly goes to the nuclear power plants (NPPs), i.e. producing electricity via a nuclear reaction, while the scope of nuclear technology is much larger and currently contributes to the majority of the efforts being in progress by the mankind to provide a well-being for human society. In fact nuclear technology is potentially applicable and is currently being applied to various fields such as medicine, industry, agriculture, environmental aspects, management of soil and water resources and many other fields of interest. For the time being, the public attention has been focused on this issue and peaceful applications of such technology have become more highlighted especially in the field of medicineIn order to fulfill the national benefits of peaceful utilization of nuclear technology, nuclear departments in the top ranking universities of the country were founded. Meantime, a deputy position of radiation application and development (RAD) is established within the AEOI to manage the relevant tasks in this regards, some of which is referred to as the following.
a) Medical field
Nuclear technology in the medical field is used by the Provision of radioisotopes for diagnosis and treatment of different cancers and various disorders in human body.
In the field of diagnosis the chemical or bio molecular compounds are labeled with a gamma emitter radioisotope which provides a scanning facility for the physicians to determine the condition of a specific organ and diagnosis of cancer tumors or other defects.
In the field of treatment radioisotopes or ionizing radiation facilities are used as a source of energy for the destruction and elimination of carcinogenic tissues and tumors. Some examples of such applications are as follows:
1- Tele therapy: In this method the patient’s organ is exposed to an external radiation source, namely a gamma gun or gamma knife etc. The drawback of this method is that the neighboring tissues are somehow affected as well.
2- Brachy therapy:In this method the radioactive source is inserted into the defected cavities of the patient. This method minimizes the exposure of neighboring tissues in the target area, and optimizes the exposure of the dose to the cancerous tissues Also in this method the used source has lower activity than the source which is used in tele therapy, and unlike the tele therapy procedures which exposes a part or the entire body, only the tissues adjacent to the radioactive source are affected.
3- Usage of medical accelerators facility (charged particles beam generators.(
4- Beta emitting sources are frequently applied for diagnosis and treatment as well.
*  Products and services are available in medical field.
-Production of requested diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes, and delivery service to the medical centers.
-commercializing of the new radiopharmaceutical products.
 -participation with research centers such as cancer institute, digestion research center and eye research center, clinics and hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education  aiming at the production of new radiopharmaceutical products (focusing on treatment) and development of clinical usage of these products.
-Initializing activities for design and construction of medical accelerators such as Linac (linear accelerators) for medical application.
-cooperation for the provision of radioactive sources for Tele therapy systems.
-Industrial Production of hydro-gel, applicable for wound treatment and cure.
-Cooperation with Iranian cancer control network, aiming at the promotion of its efficiency.
-Offering a joint project with the International Atomic Energy Agency (PACT) to strengthen Cancer Control Network.
b) Industrial fields:
Industrial applications of nuclear technology mainly relates to the agriculture and medical applications.
 Nuclear technology could potentially assist a vast spectrum of industries for more desirable products, lessening the investments and reduction of the environmental impacts. Some examples are as follows:
 -Gamma irradiation facilities for preservation of food products.
-Gamma irradiation facilities for sterilization of medical goods.
-Application of nuclear techniques in polymer and chemical industries.
-Irradiation of hospital wastes for neutralization and treatment of urban and industrial sewage water.
- Measuring systems such as thickness, level, density measurement and analysis of assay &standard minerals by means of nuclear techniques, which are applicable in petrochemical and oil industries as well as steel and cement industries.
- deploying radioactive materials in the nuclear tracing process based on the tracing capability of the emitted gamma rays for the purpose of surveying equipment function in different industries such as time calculation in chemical reactors , and extract procedure of oil material from tanks, and related use in the soil and water management system.
- Inline detection of processing equipment problems particularly in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries (detecting equipment during work without exiting from the process route).
- determining the construction material used in the industrial parts with precision by using Ion beams.
- Mechanical test for measurement of resistance, erosion, corrosion by inserting radioactive material in the structure of parts being tested, e.g. testing of vehicle engine and tire parts.
* The following activities are currently in progress by the (RAD) section in the industrial field
- Design and construction of gamma and electron irradiation facilities for the purpose of irradiation of construction food and health products in different parts of the country.
- Design and contraction of various accelerators with medical usage.
- Design and construction of nuclear gauging device with emphasis on oil, petrochemical and steel industries.
- Design and construction of individual and environmental monitoring system.
C) Agriculture
Management of foodstuff and agricultural products is one of the challenges encountered by almost all governments. Optimized utilization of natural occurring resources for maximized productivity is also the major concerns of all societies.
Aiming at these goals, the application of modern technologies such as nuclear based methods could insure provision of food resources for subsequent generations and achievement of self-sufficiency, particularly regarding the basic crops and strategic products.
Nuclear based technology in parallel with conventional methods could effectively solve many problems encountered by agriculture. In some cases nuclear approach seems to be the unique alternative. Some examples of nuclear deployment are as follows:
-Inductive mutation by means of using radioactive substances for enhancement of quality and immunization of the seeds against herbal diseases and compatibility with climatic conditions.
-Neutralization of herbal pesticide by means of radiation technics.
-Control of veterinary disease, immunization and vaccination by means of radioactive materials.
- Irradiation for prolonging the time of preserving agricultural products.
- examining the degree and plant effectiveness of fertilizers and capacity to absorb soil material by using nuclear material as tracing device
At present two provinces, namely Markazi and Golestan are assigned as pilots projects for agricultural promotion & development purposes.
AEOI Services in the field of radiation application development
-Design and construction of gamma and electron irradiation facility
- Production of 200 Kev electrostatic accelerator
-Fabrication of portable irradiation device for irradiation of crops.
-Design and Fabrication of nuclear gauging devices
- Production and providing of radioactive sealed sources requested by industries
- Providing irradiation services for food and medical products
-Production of radiopharmaceutical products, cold kits and hydro-gel
-Implement promotion projects in the field of agriculture
-Design and fabrication of monitoring devices such as environmental monitoring systems and pocket dosimeters .
- providing of calibration services for medical centers, Industries and laboratories.