Nuclear Safty Services

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Nuclear safety and radiation protection activities of the company fall into four main categories: safety and radiation protection, licensing, training and standardization.

Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection

In order to monitor proper implementation of nuclear and radiation activities according to the guidelines of National Center for Nuclear Safety, the company is ready to provide relevant expert services in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection by identifying system operating functions to improve the safety of radiation activities. Also, some activities, such as assessment, inspection, and safety analysis of the relevant hazards for the purpose of safe commissioning of irradiation facilities are amongst other services which the company provides in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Licensing Services

Some of the essential measures for implementation of any radiation activities are field inspection, identification, site selection and justification for the necessity of constructing an irradiation facility. Based on the experience gained and the applicant’s needs for either electron or gamma irradiation facilities, the company is prepared to provide services associated with obtaining necessary licenses from the National Center for Nuclear Safety and expert cooperation in every step of the project. Moreover, the company provides consultancy services for preparing required documents for obtaining necessary licenses from legal authorities.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important parameters required for the safe operation of an irradiation facility is having efficient personnel. Having compiled an educational curricula in the field of electron and gamma irradiation facility operation, the company has started a foundation for preliminary and advanced training courses dedicated to safe operation of irradiation facilities by employing competent professors and experts


Applying safety standards in order to prevent probable accidents and also provide safe operating condition is considered as one of the most important requirements for the operation of irradiation facilities. Following the international standards and regulations, the company has started standard localization which is required for the safe operation of an irradiation facility. The standards as well as necessary consultations can be offered to the applicants.


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