Technical & Engineering Services

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Engineering and technical deputy carry out the design and construction irradiation facilities, either fixed or portable, as well as radiation and high-energy particle generator systems in diverse fields of radiation applications such as well-beings, medicine, industry, inspection, and environmental protection.

Technical and Engineering Deputy, with regards to the company’s vision in developing radiation applications, has organized a group of experts and technicians by utilization of Iran’s capabilities and can provide following services:

- Feasible study and cost estimation of irradiation facilities in accordance with the employer's requests for institutes, organizations, financial and credit institutions, banks and other relevant authorities.

- Engineering and consultation services for construction of irradiation facilities.

- Procurement engineering services for irradiation equipment including MRQs comprising list of vendors and manufacturers and the selection of an appropriate vendor/manufacturer, eliminating technical ambiguities and doubts during procurement process from the selected vendor, making contracts with vendors/manufacturers, monitoring and technical inspection of the selected manufacturer's workshops.

- Providing all services associated with installation, testing, and commissioning of irradiation systems including:

---- Installation instructions, as well as hot / cold, nonradioactive and radioactive tests.

----Technical inspection instructions at various stages of installation and assembly.

---- Installation and testing in accordance with the prepared instructions.

---- Pre-commissioning and setup according to the instructions and final delivery of the system.

---- Preparing operating manuals (OP).

- All activities associated with periodic, technical, and workshop inspections during construction of irradiation systems using specialists and skilled technicians.

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