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On/Oct/1, Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, leading a delegation, paid an extensive visit to the Airports and Air Navigation Co. of Iran (IANC), a subsidiary co. of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, and ceremonially unveiled 6 new achievements.

-The achievements included, safety Management System (SMS), Civil Aviation Traffic Control training, center Approach Control Simulator, as well as ATS Examination Center. Dr. Salehi praised the attempts spent by the senior directors and staff of the company in spite of the limitation imposed and stressed on the most important aspect of the civil aviation traffic as being strict safety control beyond national boundaries similar to the nuclear industry's most important concern and objectives.

-Dr. Rahmatollah Mahabadi Chairman of the Board & CEO of the IANC pointed out the following remarks:

-Airports and Navigation Company of Iran has come a long way in the last 3 years. The company through building of 35/000 km new airways and escalation of safety coefficient has upgraded the quality of airport services (ASQ) to a standard global level. Upon the JCPOA accord, around 1000 billion tomans were spent on equipment purchase and 1000 billion more tomans were allocated to construction development. The 4 main common concerns of YATA entity and civil aviation, encompass security, safety, performance and economic considerations of which the most important aspect is the flight and passenger safety. On the sidelines of the event Dr. Salehi briefly pointed out remarks concerning the recent U.S political behavior as the following:

-The unilateral approach adopted by the U.S government while being contrary to accepted international norms is merely based on unfair exertion of pressure which is referred to as the logic of power. This approach besides concerning JCPOA, affects the integrity of other international conventions and accords, including Security Council resolutions. In this kind of situation, adoption of alertness and rationality in foreign policy is very essential. We follow the reasoning of power and understanding as opposed to unfair unilateral exertion of illogical pressure.

نسخه قابل چاپ