Safty Services Costumer

The Radiation Application Development Company provides following services in the fields of radiation safety and protection, licensing, training and standardization:

- Implementation of radiation safety and protection requirements in irradiation facilities (electron, gamma and irradiating equipment) in accordance with the latest guidelines of Iran’s nuclear safety administration.

- Provision of necessary services (monitoring, evaluation, inspection, etc.) for​safe commissioning of irradiation facilities.

- Safety analysis and risk assessment of irradiation facilities

- Provision of licensing services for irradiation facilities from Iran’s nuclear safety administration.

- Providing professional consultations on acquiring necessary licenses from Iran’s nuclear safety administration.

- Document review, modification, manipulation and approval required for obtaining a license from legal authorities.

- Developing standards for the safe operation of irradiation facilities and associated activities.

- Providing consultations on standardization of irradiation facilities.

- Holding professional basic and advanced training courses specified for irradiation facilities

- Cobalt-60 source supply, loading and dosimetry.

Applicants for the above-mentioned services may contact us at +982188221222 or