Irradiation Services Costumer

The Radiation Application Development Company offers following irradiation services in accordance with the requirements of the customers and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Food and Drug Administration by following international standards:

- Irradiation of medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products (disposable medical equipment, dental sets, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials such as all kinds of creams, shampoos, dental floss, patches, vials, etc.)

- Irradiation of foods, nuts and powders (herbal medicines, stuffings, legumes, dried vegetables, spices, nuts, etc.)

- Polymeric materials (wires and cables, heat-shrinkable materials, etc.)

- Irradiation of protein substances (fish, meat, etc.) - It should be noted that this use of radiation is currently under investigations.

The company declares its readiness to provide consultations on irradiation processes and standards. Applicants for the above-mentioned services may contact us via the customer affairs department at +982188221221 or email: