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Monday, July 19, 2010 History of Inra
The Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority functions as a statutory and independent
regulatory body within the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.
INRA performs all the recognized and recommended activities legislated by IAEA, as a
Regulatory Body and maintains direct communication and cooperation with the Agency
in this capacity.
The INRA has acquired its legal justification through the following national laws:
The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Act (1974)
Radiation Protection Act (1989)
Since the Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of the IAEA, naturally is in full
compliance with all the legislations by the agency, and this serves as the legal basis for
the communication between INRA and IAEA.
The INRA in addition to its legal duties, also implements other tasks resulting in
developing safety in the application of nuclear energy and radiation resources, the most
important of which are as follows:
A ) Execution and cooperation in the implementation of research projects to elevate the
functions by INRA with respect to providing and updating the nuclear regulations
and standards, as well as review and approval of the presented information / findings
and inspection techniques
B ) Rendering nuclear and radiant safety services, where they are at rudimentary stage in
the country and preparing the bed for out sourcing the activities to private and public
sectors supervised by INRA
C ) Conducting laboratory services towards the realization of researches and optimizing
methods and establishing connection with the Reference Laboratories
It has to be pointed that the services mentioned in the above items B and C are not
included in the scope of this manual and the management system yet, but there is a
separate project on hand for the compliance of item C with the requirements of the
standard ISO 17025.